Character Bios: Rook

Rook Real Name: Jeff Davies
Classification: Crèche Gen-Alt, Seraphim prototype
Occupation: Lawkeepers Field Agent
Age: 22
Eyes: blue
Hair: white
Height: 6'0"

Abilities: Rook is classified as a full spectrum Psyker as well as a Tier 4 Brick. He has low levels of emotion control, postcognition, and clairvoyance, moderate telepathic skills, and high levels of pyrokinesis and telekinesis. As a Tier 4 Brick, he has greatly enhanced reflexes and speed, moderately heightened strength and some resistance to damage. He also has limited bioredaction to heal himself only.

Rook is outfitted with a unique cranial chip designed by Crèche scientists to analyze his targets and terrain. It does allow him to communicate with Redplains Gen-Alts and other equivalent communication technologies. He is highly trained in a variety of martial arts and prefers hand-to-hand or melee weapon combat to firearms.