Character Bios: D-Day

D-Day Real Name: Dustin Willoughby
Classification: Redplains Gen-Alt, Powers series
Occupation: Lawkeepers Field Agent
Age: 28
Eyes: brown
Hair: blonde
Height: 6'7"

Abilities: The Power Series of Redplains Gen-Alts are the archetypal "Bricks," designed to have enormous strength and endurance. D-Day is classified as a Tier 5 Brick. He is impervious to most conventional damage and highly resistant to poisons, disease and infection.

D-Day received the typical Redplains training in hand-to-hand combat and firearms. As with all Redplains Gen-Alts, he has a cranial chip that allows him to communicate with other Redplains Gen-Alts or other equivalent communication technologies.